Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Burning hair: revolting.

Chewing wool: even the thought makes me quiver, cringe, quail.

Melted cheese: smothering slow death. (melted cheese phobia – turophobia?).

A room full of people: [Is the exit near? Is someone blocking it? How long would I take to get there? Would I suffocate before I get there? Don’t pant. ] (claustrophobia)

Miction: repulsing. (chloride, phosphorus, sulphur, bromide, fluoride, iodide, rhodanide, potassium, natron, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, selenium, arsenium, lead, mercury, Urea)

Syncope: Nausea. Lightheadedness. Chest Hurts. Hands start getting cold. Quivering. Arms start getting cold also. Chest hurts intensely. Chest gets cold. Dizziness. Gasping. Want to vomit. Feet get cold. Sweating. [F**k is this it?] Gasp. [Try to scream] Words get stuck in the throat. Face and arms tingle. Loss of balance [One foot, then the other] [Almost there] [Mom?]
Excruciating pain. [My head. my head! Arghhh MY HEAD!] Head pulsates painfully. Shiver.
[my head’s going to explode – and how the hell did I end up on the floor?]
New bump.

Anxiety: Daily.

Panic attack: Asthenophobia.

Peanuts: Placebo.

Siegesbeckiae: hopefully it will work.